Worldwide Projects

World wide over $400,000,000 in Maharishi Vastu® homes and other buildings, and a score of communities have been built on all continents using the harmonizing principles of this eternal science based in natural law.

In addition Maharishi Vedic® city and country planning are being requested in more and more countries.

List and Links of Projects:

Following is a selection of projects that have fully incorporated Maharishi Vedic architecture and city planning principles from a variety of countries. They show a broad variety of style, purpose and style.

2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard office building, Rockville, Maryland, USA
“The healthiest building ever built”, LEED Platinum certified and Maharishi Vedic Architecture


Maharishi Vedic ObervatoryMaharishi Vedic City, Iowa, USA:
The entire town with all buildings and developments constructed according to Maharishi Vedic Architecture and Planning. The city bylaws state that all structures have to be according to Maharishi Vastu. It includes following developments


in Maharishi Vedic City


Mandala One Village:


in Maharishi Vedic City


Rukmapura Park Hotel and Park Chalets:


City of Fairfield, Iowa, USA with its initiative to Go Green:
The city of Fairfield is home to a large number of Maharishi Vastu homes, offices, the Maharishi University of Management campus, and several Maharishi Vedic developments, such as:



Cypress Village:



North Campus Village:



Abundance Eco Village:


Maharishi Vastu homes


Greenfield Properties:


built according to Maharishi Vedic Architecture

Maharishi Univeristy of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, USA:
Reconstruction of entire university campus according to the principles of Maharishi Vedic architecture and planning, including the


MUM Sustainable Living Center:
The ultimate green building, that gives back to the environment: off the grid, fulfilling not only Maharishi Vastu priciples of archiecture in accord with Natural Law, but all the highest green and sustainable standards possible, and more!


Maharishi European Reasearch University, NetherlandsMaharishi Univeristy of Management / Maharishi European Research Univeristy, Vlodrop, The Netherlands:
Reconstruction of the entrire MUM / MERU campus according to Vedic principles. During this process a new construction system was developed here, that combines ancient Vedic ornamentation with latest, natural building materials and technologies, the so called MERU Master Builder System.

Maharishi Garden Village, Rendlesham, Suffolk, Great Britain


Lake O’Springs Village, Ohio Vedic Homes, Ohio, USA



Vedic Village, Italy:


according to Maharishi Vastu architectureMaharishi Center of Educational Excellence (MCEE), Bhopal, India:
Entire campus build according to Maharishi Vedic architecture and planning, as well as over 200 more school and university campuses throughout India


Maharishi Vedic Town and CIty planning layout

Brahmasthan of India, Vedic Expert (Pandit) Campus, Karondi, Madhya Pradesh, India



Purusha Capital, Meditation Center, West Virginia, USA:


Maharishi Vastu Garden Cities, Russia


Gorod Sad, Garden Cities, Russia:



Barrio Vastu Maharishi, Florencio Varela, Argentina: video


Maharishi Vastu development, Boone, NC


Heavenly Mountain Resort, Boone, North Carolina, USA



Spiritual Center, Japan



Rajapark College, Thailand



Spiritual Center, New Zealand housing development


The follwoing videos show a selection of Maharishi Vastu school buildings, as well as Maharishi Vastu homes worldwide that have been built on all continents.


For further information on individual buildings built according to Maharishi Vastu, Maharishi Vedic architecture, our potfolio of homes visit