Vedic and Sustainable

A sustainable city should be a city where everyone is happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. Only a city that is free from pollution, noise and stress and which is designed as a holistic structure in harmony with natural law, where individual life is flowing with the evolutionary stream of energy and intelligence is really sustainable. Sustainable both for the environment, and also with reference to individual life. This means such a city is essentially free from problems, crime, and suffering.

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Worldwide Projects

World wide over $500,000,000 in Maharishi VastuĀ® homes and other buildings, and a score of communities have been built on all continents using the harmonizing principles of this eternal science based in natural law.

In addition Maharishi VedicĀ® city and country planning are being requested in more and more countries.

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Research and Publications

Research papers and books that have been published by the Institute of Vedic Architecture and City Planning, its directors or advisors include:


Vastu Homes and Cities is the standard book on Vedic Architecture and Planning.

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