Vedic City Planning

Maharishi Vedic City Planning is architecture and urban design in harmony with natural law. Green, sustainable, and healthy design of developments, towns, cities and countries.

In Harmony with Natural Law

Maharishi Vedic city planning and Maharishi Vastu architecture is architecture and urban design in harmony with total natural law, in tune with all of nature. Basis of Vedic Architecture and Planning in Total Natural Law Vedic architecture and planning finds it basis in the most fundamental level of natural law, the level of the administration of everything in nature. Nature administers the universe with perfect orderliness. Quantum field theorist, Dr. John Hagelin writes, “Einstein held the conviction that the laws of nature had a simple, geometric, unified foundation, and that this unification could be understood by the human intellect. Within the past two decades a number of important breakthroughs in this area have led to a progressively more unified...

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Fundamental Principles

Ancient design, contemporary execution: ideal Garden Cities Principles of Maharishi Vedic Architecture and City Planning: Orientation Site selection Layout with silent center (Brahmasthan) Placement Proportions Timing Natural building materials and sustainable systems These Vedic principles are ancient and time tested, and the effects are known in detail and can be verified by anyone. They have been fully restored in our time by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This saves us a difficult search for the best approach and protects human life from the unknown effects of less holistic systems. 1. Orientation Regarding ideal community planning, Maharishi Vastu emphasises the correct orientation to maximize the natural life-supporting influence of the planets and stars. All...

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Cities of the Future

O ur cities have to go beyond just economical, ecological and environmental balance. We are searching for a city with no crime, and no poverty, where we create health and don’t create misfortune and raise the educational outcome. Also, is it possible that our city of the future could make us more creative and more successful? Could it bring us good fortune, make our thinking unrestricted, and maybe even enhance spiritual fulfilment? Can we harness Nature’s Intelligence within the built environment? Is it possible, and do we want it? The ancient science of Vedic Architecture, or Vastu, was restored by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who also introduced Transcendental Meditation on the basis of published science. Vedic Architecture connects individual life with Cosmic...

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Reconstruction of Existing Cities

Maharishi Vedic City Planning

We are all familiar with older city and town centres, congested or vacant, that would benefit from and be revitalized by re-structuring, modernization and opening up to more green space. At the same time, more and more satellite towns on the outskirts of cities desire to implement green and sustainable technologies and become self-sufficient and vital on their own while maintaining a compatible relationship with the inner city area. Maharishi Vedic city planning has a fully developed concept that will fulfil this trend. Any existing city or town can, systematically and practically, be reconstructed in stages. The revitalized ideal Garden City will be anciently designed and modernly equipped to bring the most significant benefit to its inhabitants as well as the...

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