Research and Publications

Research papers and books that have been published by the Institute of Vedic Architecture and City Planning, its directors or advisors include:

Vastu Homes and Cities is the standard book on Vedic Architecture and Planning.

All principles are very clearly laid out, as well as the theoretical understanding behind them. It is based on Maharishi Vastu, the ancient system restored to its full effectiveness by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and implemented by the Insitute of Vedic Architecture and City Planning. It includes fundamentals of development, city planning, and individual building design. It is rich in examples and inspiring images. Available in print and Kindle versions.

Enlightened Real Estate by developer Barry Scherr will open our eyes to the astonishing potential of the man-made world. The reconstruction of buildings, towns, and cities will be the basis for the next significant economic expansion. From abstract ideas to practical application, Enlightened Real Estate explores the mindset behind today’s built environment and offers a new enlightened vision for the future.

Measuring the World for Global Reconstruction explains how Maharishi Vedic Architecture uses the global grid of latitude and longitude, known to the ancient Vedic civilization of India, to create a master grid for the whole world—the basis of planning according to the principle of cardinal direction. To understand the significance of the global grid, the reader is taken on a voyage of rediscovery that follows the evolution of the concepts and techniques of global survey by civilizations throughout the ages.

Principles of Vastu Planning: In the Light of Group Theory describes the Vedic measurement system using the concepts of modern group theory. Profound principles at the basis of the measurement system are illustrated in a new light and explain the original significance of this Vedic measurement system. You will see that all aspects of the measurement theory of Maharishi Vedic Architecture form a harmonious, logical, and mathematically precise whole. When this system is utilized in its completeness, the structures built following it reflect this harmonious wholeness. Measurements based on Vedic dimensions are vital to Vedic Architecture because they harmonise its various parts.

How to Build a Peace Palace is a practical manual for building a Maharishi Peace Palace, a teaching centre for Transcendental Meditation and related consciousness-based programs and courses.
The expanded second edition contains a general chapter with a collection of designs and guidelines for Maharishi Peace Palaces; the original, detailed account of the Maharishi Peace Palace project in Erfurt, Germany, from financing to completion; a project report of the 30-room academy-style community centre Maharishi Peace Palace in Rendlesham, Suffolk, Great Britain; an interview about the first Maharishi Peace Palace in Malaysia; many practical Peace Palace and Vastu materials.
The Syncretic Role of Maharishi Vedic Science and Vedic Architecture in
Ecological Urbanism by Dr. Neil Hamill
According to the United Nations Human Development Report (UNPD, 2005b), by 2030, 1.7 billion new people will move into settlements not yet in existence. It is of critical importance for the sustainable future of our planet to build these new urban environments so that they function sympathetically with natural law. Download the full paper as a PDF.
Maharishi Vedic Architecture – Background and Summary of Scientific Research on Maharishi Vastu Architecture and Planning principles or related relevant research findings by Jonathan Lipman, AIA and Alarik Arenander, Ph.D. Download as pdf.