Reconstruction of Existing Cities

Reconstruction of Existing Cities

We are all familiar with older city and town centers, be they congested or vacant, that would benefit from and be revitalized by re-structuring, modernization and opening up to more green space. At the same time more and more satellite towns on the outskirts of cities desire to implement green and sustainable technologies and become self-sufficient and vital on their own while maintaining a compatible relationship with the inner city area.

Maharishi Vedic city planning has a fully developed concept that will take this trend to its fulfillment. Any existing city or town can, in a systematic and practical manner, be reconstructed in stages. The revitalized ideal Garden City will be anciently designed and modernly equipped to bring greatest benefit to its inhabitants as well as the environment.

Transforming any Existing City into an Ideal Garden City

Phase 1

Controlling the expansion of the city by establishing a master plan with parallel roads in true east-west, north-south directions.

Reconstruction of an existing city according to Maharishi Vedic City Planning

Reconstruction of an existing city according to Maharishi Vedic City Planning

Phase 2

Construction of garden colonies and Maharishi Vastu satellite towns around the city, free from pollution, noise, and stress, set in landscaped gardens.




Phase 3

Starting to demolish the congested city center, replacing it with a beautiful central garden (Brahmasthan), parks, and fountains.

Reconstruction of an existing city according to Maharishi Vedic City PlanningPhase 4Reconstruction of an existing city according to Maharishi Vedic City Planning

Final stage of the expanded garden city, proving ideal living conditions, including modern communication and transportation systems.





Reconstruction of a city according to Maharishi Vedic City PlanningNaturally not every landscape will allow for such a schematic, entirely square city layout. Here we show one example where a large river is taken into consideration. In Vedic architecture and city planning the easily verifiable effects of bodies of water are recorded. Therefore the city is on some sides closer to the river, where it creates an auspicious influence, and on the other side beautiful parks and gardens create a buffer and minimum distance before the city continues.


Comparing Ideal Vedic City Planning to Healthy Cells in the Human Physiology

It is striking to notice the similarity in the stricture of ancient Vedic city planning and the structure of healthy cells in human physiology, as well as uncontrolled, disorderly city growth and unhealthy development of cell, up to cancerous cell development.


Meissner Effect – Maharishi Vastu Effect (Maharishi Vedic City Planning Effect)

Another parallel from modern science we find in the Meissner Effect, which describes how an ordinary conductor is penetrated by a magnetic field, whereas a highly orderly Super Conductor is as if “invincible” to the magnetic field, which goes around but cannot penetrate the Super Conductor.

Similarly we can attempt to compare an existing city with “disorderly” road and building layout to a highly orderly city, which is fully planned and built according to the principles of Maharishi Vedic architecture and city planning, including the orientation of roads and buildings according to cardinal directions, only auspicious entrances (position of entrances that have been recorded to only bring beneficial effects, on the north and east), and further application of Maharishi Vedic Technologies that create coherence and harmony in national consciousness, reducing social stress and tension. Such an “ideal”, coherent Garden City will have less negativity from within, and as if a protective shield by its atunement to natural law.

Personal Experiences and Scientific Research

The experiences of even those living only in individual buildings constructed according to Maharishi Vedic architecture (Maharishi Vastu) confirm the greatly beneficial effects of such buildings on health, family harmony, and prosperity.

Incidents of protection from natural disasters such as forest fires have also been reported. It should however be noted, that a Maharishi Vastu design does not be a repacement but an addition to common-sense protection measures.

The ancient Vedic principles applied in Maharishi Vedic architecture and city planning are time tested and can be verified by anyone. This means that also modern science should be able to understand and verify them. This is already happening. Research is already providing evidence that Maharishi Vedic architecture and planning optimizes the functioning of the brain, leading to greater health, financial success, and well being. Also doctors have conducted studies with their patients, verifying some of the Vedic principles.